The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion Shampoo with Redensyl & 15+ natural ingredients including Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Indian Alkanet Root 300ML

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  • Can encourage hair growth and stop hair loss
  • Can prevent hair thinning and breakage
  • Helps arrest premature greying and baldness
  • Can give a healthy scalp, control skin infections and dandruff and split-ends
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An intense
Highly effective hair

that not only restores natural shine and adds volume to lifeless hair but also helps in the regrowth of hair.

Improve your hair quality and quantity of your hair simply by using a Shampoo!

Gorgeous Thick Hair!
A Shampoo, which is

• Based on the Authentic Ayurvedic Principles
• Formulated using pure essential oils, extracts, and several premium-grade herbs.

Ages ago, our grannies used to sit and extract red onion juice and apply it to our hair so that we have healthy, thick, and long hair. They always knew that red onions can also prevent and restore hair loss. In today’s era, no one has time to sit and extract red onion juice. We have done this for you. We have made all the efforts to bring you the purest form of red onion extracts in the form of a shampoo.

The Indie Earth Red Onion shampoo is loaded with the benefits of red onions along with other premium oils and extracts to give you strong and thick hair.

This shampoo helps stop hair loss and promotes the healthy growth of hair. Further, other ingredients of this shampoo such as Curry Leaves, Ratan Jot, and Caffeine helps in preventing hair thinning, breakage, and split ends.

Read the opinion of the Users about the shampoo

Puneeta Kashyap

This is one of the best shampoos I've ever used. It makes your hair so soft and manageable and it's free from harsh chemicals! It's mild on my hair and clean hair gently. And also moisture scalp texture is also good. Great buy!


Bought this for my mother, she liked it as it is helping her with hair growth. This also makes hair shiny and strong. Results are visible! Thank you The Indie Earth.

Atul Shah

My wife and I are using this shampoo. This shampoo works well to control hair fall. It's an amazing product, worth the price and highly recommended. You won't regret it after its use, for sure !!

Shreya Pandey

The best shampoo on this planet earth especially in winters. Prevents hair loss. Worked for me really well. Being ayurvedic, I think it’s completely safe and effective. This is a must buy!


This shampoo has become my favorite. I knew, onions are very good for our hair, it helps to recover damaged hair. After using this shampoo, my hair fall has almost gone. My hair looks so bouncy and shiny.

Gurjeet Kaur

This shampoo actually works on my hair, hairfall has reduced considerably, totally satisfied. I think there is nothing better than a vegan product on this earth. I have made my choice.

The New Advanced Red Onion Hair Shampoo has an effective combination of Red Onions with Redensyl along with Curry Leaves, Ratan Jot, Caffeine, and several other handpicked herbs

Red Onion Juice

Red Onion is rich in quercetin, a powerful anti-oxidant, which is highly effective for hair fall control & hair regrowth. Enriched with Sulphur, Red onion oil also helps in minimizing breakage & thinning of hair.


Redensyl is the newest advancement against hair loss. This compound is a blend of 7 plant compounds for hair growth. Redensyl effectively shows the result without any side effects. It also works as an anti-inflammatory and amino acid that build up protein for hair.


Curry Leaf Extract

The curry leaf extract not only helps in promoting speedy hair growth but can also control hair loss. It also helps to strengthen the hair and repair the damage as well. It also prevents dandruff.

Ratan Jot Extract

(Alkanet Root)
It can prevent all scalp infections including dandruff and premature greying of the hair. This herb also helps in promoting hair growth.


(Coffee Extract)
Caffeine helps to promote hair growth straight from the root in the initial phases. It can also speed up the hair growth cycle and increases the length of the hair. Since caffeine increases blood circulation in the scalp, it can promote healthy hair follicles which will further result in healthier and faster hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that calm an itchy scalp. It deep cleans oily hair and further helps in making the hair look healthier, shinier, and softer. Vitamins in Aloe Vera can promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. When applied to the scalp and hair, hair breakage and loss can slow down.

Castor Oil

Enriches your scalp, increases blood circulation which further helps to improve hair growth. Castor Oil also makes the roots stronger and prevents hair fall. It is also capable of triggering and stimulating hair growth from dormant follicles.

Almond Oil

The light-weight and aromatic oil help to treat dandruff and hair damage. It keeps a check on scalp infection and inflammation. The oil is beneficial to treat hair loss and split ends and provides softer, stronger, and shiny hair.

Amla Extract

(Indian Gooseberry)
Amla can strengthen the scalp and hair and reduces premature pigment loss from hair. It not only helps in stimulating hair growth and reduce hair loss but also helps in taking care of dandruff & dry scalp and prevent parasitic hair. It can also improve the overall appearance of hair.

Nagarmotha Extract

It helps in washing off dandruff and cleansing the dust and dirt from the scalp which helps in reducing the itchiness of the scalp. It can also prevent split ends, thus, keeps the hair healthy and strong. It has the potential to heal the damages caused to the hair.

Amar bel Extract

(Cuscuta reflexa)
The extracts of Amar bel facilitate the proliferation of the hair follicles. It not only helps in preventing hair loss but is also helpful for promoting hair growth.

Parsley Extract

Parsley support strong and shiny locks. It helps in fighting hair loss and treating & preventing dandruff. It not only helps in boosting hair growth but also can protect natural hair color.

*The product is safe for daily use and color-treated hair.

Here is what our customers say about
Honestly, for the last 2 month i was experiencing hair fall problem and I was really worried about it. I talked about it with one of my close friends and she suggested me The Indie Earth’s red onion Shampoo. Now, it has been 2-3 weeks and I am really satisfied with the product since I feel there is improvement in my hair texture and strength and the amount of hair falling has also been reduced.
I was looking for some organic shampoo for my hair ( chemical free). This shampoo has great consistency and has made my hair smooth and dandruff free in my first wash. Hair fall is less too.
Bhawna Khanna
Superb result, worth a penny, give shine volume and makes it super silky. Best part is this is completely organic. I rely on this shampoo for my complete hair care.
I have been using this shampoo for 2 weeks now and the results are amazing. It has reduced my hair fall and my dandruff problems. I will Highly recommend this product to all my girls out there. The Indie Earth specializes in hair care, body care and skin care products that are safe and highly effective.
After the first use itself, my hair looks soft, manageable, and shinier. I love how it has reduced my hair fall in some uses only. Definitely repurchasing. Go for it.
I can’t believe the shine it has added to my hair. Even in this harsh Delhi winter my hair feels nourished without any conditioner and I have honestly experienced 0 hair fall. This product is purely miraculous.
Dheeraj Shookeen
How to use Red Onion Hair Growth Shampoo


Wet hair thoroughly and apply shampoo generously.



Starting at the scalp, gently massage the product into a light lather and then work the product through to the ends of the hair.



Rinse well and repeat as needed. (For best result follow Red Onion Haircare Regime)

Here is what our customers say about The Indie Earth Red Onion shampoo


Very nice shampoo. Chemical free and makes your hair soft and oil free. Removes excess oil from your scalp. Good for dandruff. No other shampoo claims this thing. This is the best organic shampoo. It even made my hair lustrous, shiny and smooth.


Madhav Guru

I have started seeing results in one week after I started applying this shampoo. The shampoo is very smooth & good for hair wash and helps to control hair fall. This one is my favorite. This shampoo clears my scalp so nicely.

Anjana Singla

After the first wash, it removed the frizz, the roughness, and the dryness. It works so well in controlling the hair fall. I'm definitely repurchasing this again


I can't describe how much I love this shampoo. It has reduced my hair fall so much. I tried lots of shampoo for my hair fall but none worked. After using this shampoo my hair becomes stronger and my hair fall is stopped and the thickness and density of my hairs is also increased.

Divya Solanki

After using this shampoo my hair fall decreased. I like this product. It doesn't contain any chemicals. It smells very nice. It helps to grow hair and also it helps to reduce grey hair.

Rishi Goel

I have heard about the onions for hair fall. That's why I purchased this shampoo. It actually works! This helps me in reducing hair fall and completely removes dandruff and most important for me it is sulfate free.


Both men and women, above 15 years of age, can use The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo.

Yes, this Shampoo can be used on coloured or chemically treated hair.

The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo is not a leave-in product. It is best to massage the The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo into a lather and wash off with water, followed by Onion leave-in conditioner.

You should use The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo for hair at least twice in a week for better results. You should opt for a safe and natural hair care product that does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins for the best results.

Users have explored the advantages of utilizing onion Shampoo for promoting hair growth. The most effective hair fall Shampoo in India demonstrates noticeable results within a fortnight of consistent application. Numerous individuals who incorporated The Indie Earth Onion Shampoo into their routine twice a week observed remarkable improvements. Consequently, this Hair Fall Control Shampoo has garnered a reputation as a hair growth Shampoo among countless users.

Certainly, the use of The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo is beneficial for promoting hair growth. The presence of proteins, particularly sulfur-rich keratin, is essential for robust hair development. Incorporating The Indie Earth Red Onion Oil into your hair care regimen can facilitate hair regrowth by providing the necessary supply of sulfur and potassium to the hair roots. This, in turn, contributes to the strengthening and lengthening of the hair. With consistent use, the nutrients in this hair fall shampoo effectively minimize hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Additionally, onions are believed to enhance blood circulation. For optimal outcomes, it is advisable to club The Indie Earth Red onion Shampoo with The Indie Earth Red Onion Anti Hair Loss & Hair Growth Oil for hair growth at least twice in a week. This Hair Fall Control Shampoo not only combats premature greying of hair but also enhances blood circulation, thus positioning it as the leading Onion Hair Shampoo in India.

Onion benefits in promoting collagen production. The production of collagen then helps the growth of healthy hair and skin cells. Application of onion juice to the scalp increased blood circulation to the hair follicles, thus improving hair growth.

Enriched with the Potency of Nature, The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo is the best red onion hair Shampoo in India. It contain onion juice, almond Shampoo, bhringraj oil, castor oil, and other natural extracts and oil that together nourish and strengthen hair follicles and controls hair fall. This Hair Fall Control Shampoo also contains amla that prevents premature greying and improves the hair texture.

The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo for hair growth Ingredients include onion Juice, almond oil, bhringraj oil, amla and Indian alkanet root. These ingredients help boost hair growth, add strength and shine, and balance the scalp’s pH.

It is important to opt for a safe, natural and gentle onion Shampoo for grey hair. We recommend you choose The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl, it is the best Shampoo for hair fall control in India. This Hair Fall Control Shampoo boosts your hair growth, adds strength and shine, and nourishes the scalp. Redensyl for hair.

Onion Shampoo, especially red onion hair Shampoo for baldness, is one of the best hair fall control Shampoo.

The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo for hair fall can supply additional Sulfur to maintain strong and thick hair, best hair Shampoo for hair loss helps in reducing hair fall and boosting new hair growth when applied to the hair and scalp. Onion for hair regrowth Shampoo may aid in collagen formation as it contains sulfur. Collagen, in response, promotes the formation of healthy skin cells and hair growth. 

The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo is the best hair growth Shampoo in India. Hair fall control Shampoo contains sulfur and potassium that improve hair growth, reduce hair fall and unblock hair follicles. This anti hairfall Shampoo also contains the natural potency of amla, bhringraj, and castor Shampoo that make onion Shampoo good for hair growth. You can see that The Indie Earth Hair Growth Onion Hair Shampoo is good as it is made from the power of natural ingredients and has no side effects. Redensyl Shampoo

Take new hair growth Shampoo few drops on your fingertips and apply it to your scalp. Massage deeply for at least 10 mins into your scalp so that The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo reaches your hair roots. For best results leave the The Indie Earth Shampoo onion overnight or for a few hours before washing your hair. The next step is to wash your hair gently with The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo.

The Indie Earth’s Red Onion Shampoo for hair is carefully crafted to harness the advantages of onion extract, bhringraj oil, almond oil, amla, and castor oil, resulting in improved hair health and enhanced shine. This Hair Fall Control Shampoo boasts a lightweight, non-sticky formula complemented by a delightful fragrance. Enriched with the goodness of organic onion, The Indie Earth’s Hair fall onion Shampoo fosters hair growth, reduces hair fall, and promotes accelerated hair growth. Moreover, this onion hair growth Shampoo is devoid of any harmful chemicals or toxins.

Yes, The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo suits all hair types.

No, The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo is made of all natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance/perfume.

The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo is full of sulfur that helps nourish the hair scalp and make hair thicker and stronger. It prevents hair loss by boosting healthy hair growth. The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo is free of sulphates, parabens, toxins and harmful chemicals.

The Indie Earth Red Onion Shampoo contains onion seed extracts, which increases blood supply to hair follicles, improving hair growth and prevents hair loss.

The MRP of The Indie Earth Red Onion Hair Shampoo 200ml is Rs.399. But we are regularly running promotional offers. For discounted price visit our website


The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion Shampoo with Redensyl & 15+ natural ingredients including Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Indian Alkanet Root 300ML

MRP: ₹850 ₹425

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1 review for The Indie Earth Advanced Red Onion Shampoo with Redensyl & 15+ natural ingredients including Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Indian Alkanet Root 300ML

  1. Bhumika
    May 1, 2023
    The shampoo does not leave any residue or buildup on the hair. Hair quality has improved.
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