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    The Indie Earth Retinol Deep Wrink… (248)

    MRP: 318
    • Can firm your skin, slows down the skin aging and even out the fine lines
    • Helps to improve skin texture to give your skin a healthy glow
    • Can help in reducing acne & acne scars and further prevents them from occurring
    • Can unclog pores to clear up blemishes
    • Can minimize open pores and reduce blackheads
    • Minimize the effects of UV Rays of Sunlight and environmental pollution.
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  • BESTSELLER-50%Limited
    The Indie Earth Royale Kumkumadi T… (190)

    MRP: 563
    • Helps in Detoxification
    • Helps in glowing & brightening skin
    • Refines your skin texture
    • Makes your skin buttery smooth & soft
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  • -63%Limited
    The Indie Earth SaffronBloom Kumku… (1)

    MRP: 799

    Step into the realm of timeless beauty with The Indie Earth SaffronBloom Kumkumadi Ayurvedic Skincare Trio. Exquisitely crafted with the essence of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, this trio is dedicated to nurturing your skin and unveiling its natural radiance.

    This trio is meticulously infused with a blend of precious ingredients, including Saffron, Blue Lotus, Tomato, Sandalwood, Beetroot, Indian Lotus, and an array of over 30 premium herbs and extracts, ensuring a holistic skincare experience that rejuvenates and restores your skin’s youthful glow.

    Trio Contain:
    1 Pcs Kumkumadi Facewash 100 mL
    1 Pcs Kumkumadi Face Toner 100 mL
    1 Pcs Kumkumadi Tailam 30 mL

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  • -66%Limited
    The Indie Earth VitaGlow Vitamin C… (647)

    MRP: 699

    Unveil the natural radiance of your skin with The Indie Earth VitaGlow Vitamin C Skincare Trio. Carefully curated with a potent blend of nourishing ingredients, this trio is dedicated to revitalizing and rejuvenating your skin, providing a vibrant and youthful glow.

    This trio has expertly formulated with a range of powerful components, including Vitamin C, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Rosehip Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Witch Hazel, Hibiscus, Turmeric, Vitamin E, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, and Vegan Glutathione Acid Serum, to offer a comprehensive skincare experience.

    Trio Contain:
    1 Pc Vitamin C Facewash 200 ML
    1 Pc Vitamin C Face Toner 100 ML
    1 Pc Vitamin C Face Serum 30 ML

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  • BESTSELLER-50%Limited
    The Indie Earth Vitamin C Serum wi… (406)

    MRP: 373
    • Can prevent and reduce pesky signs of aging – Smile lines, fine lines, and wrinkles
    • Can improve complexion and give even skin tone
    • Can boost skin’s collagen production to give you firmer and plump skin
    • Can reverse the damage caused by UV rays and free radicals.
    • Can reduce dark spots and blemishes.
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