Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Toner with 15% Kumkumadi 28+ Precious Herbs & Extracts | Nourishes & Hydrates Skin and Protect Skin against Sun Damage

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  • Inspired By Ayurveda
  • Promotes Skin Brightness
  • Restores Ph Balance
  • Made With Authentic Ayurvedic Ingredients
  • Hydrating Face Toner
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Made With
Authentic Ayurvedic Ingredients

Kumkumadi oil helps fight against the damage of luster of the skin. It helps in glowing & brightening skin, gives you younger looking natural radiance, and refines your skin texture making it balanced, soft & smooth.

Naturally rich in phenols, this natural face toner helps actively brighten, soothe and even out the skin with regular use.

This face toner deeply hydrates the skin, improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and prepares skin for the other skincare steps.

Excellent for clearing away makeup, dead skin & dirt from pores, helping to fight acne & helps maintain the skin’s pH balance. Tones, Nourishes & Hydrates the Skin. Protect Skin against Sun Damage. Must have product for 21+ Age Group.

100% natural and free of toxins, this Face Toner is enriched with 15% Kumkumadi Oil containing a blend of 28+ natural ingredients like Saffron, Lotus extracts, Steam Distilled Rose Water, Aloe Vera, Tomato Fruit Juice, Strawberry, Sandalwood Paste, Beetroot Extract, Gotu Kola.

100% Original
100% VEGAN skincare product
100% Made from premium herbs, oils, and extracts
Each Ingredient is authentically handpicked
to ensure the highest quality standards.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Rich in Vitamin C and A, aloe vera is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Helps in clearing the pores, heal sun damage, and lightens the blemishes.

Red Sandalwood oil

It helps in skin tightening leading to minimizing signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria, exfoliating the skin, soothing sunburn, and removes suntan.

Saffron Extract

It is an ideal ingredient to treat acne and breakouts due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is a natural ingredient that helps to reduce pigmentation, brown spots, and other skin blemishes.

Daisy Flower Extract

With its naturally occurring substance, it helps to lighten the skin. It can help prevent or improve the existing problems of skin pigmentation. It blocks the formation of melanin, ultimately preventing dark spots or pigmentations.

Hibiscus Flower Paste

An all-round freshener. Can make you look younger, with a smoother complexion. It also helps to purify your skin by removing dead skin and increasing blood circulation on the skin. In many cases, it also seems to control acne breakouts.

Gotu Kola

Can reduces inflammation yet is stimulating and wound healing. It is effective in healing the wounds caused by acne and allergic redness.

How to use Kumkumadi Face Toner


Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser (Preferably use a sulfate-free cleanser. Try The Indie Earth Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face wash)



After cleansing, spray a gentle mist directly on the face. The product will adhere to and be absorbed by the skin. You can use it 3-4 times a day for a refreshing effect. Daily use of this toner will support the skin’s natural barrier, priming it to absorb serums and moisturizers more effectively.

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39 reviews for Kumkumadi Skin Radiance Face Toner with 15% Kumkumadi 28+ Precious Herbs & Extracts | Nourishes & Hydrates Skin and Protect Skin against Sun Damage

  1. Megha
    June 11, 2023
    This toner has become a staple in my skincare routine. It is so refreshing and hydrating.
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    June 10, 2023
    I have noticed a significant improvement in the texture and clarity of my skin since using this toner.
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    June 6, 2023
    I have noticed that my skin is more hydrated and plump since using The Indie Earth Kumkumadi face toner. This toner is a must have for anyone looking to improve their skin's texture and appearance. I highly recommend it!
    0 0
    June 3, 2023
    This toner has a luxurious feel and has helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    0 0
    May 27, 2023
    This toner is a game changer! My pores have become smaller and my skin looks brighter and more radiant.
    0 0
    May 25, 2023
    The Indie Earth Kumkumadi face toner has a lovely scent and is very gentle on my skin.
    0 0
    May 24, 2023
    The Indie Earth Kumkumadi face toner has a lovely cooling effect that helps soothe my skin.
    0 0
    May 23, 2023
    I love how this toner makes my skin feel so smooth and supple.
    0 0
    May 20, 2023
    I have noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of my pores since using this toner.
    0 0
    May 14, 2023
    I am amazed at how quickly this toner has helped me achieve more even and glowing skin.
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