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Kumkumamrit Tailam

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  • Effective in facial cleansing
  • Comforting and calming
  • A perfect complexion amplifier

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Ayurveda’s skin Illuminating, Restoring, Super-Nourishing Secret

Sprinkle your pores with the luxurious decadence of ‘Red Gold,’ the nourishment and care of the ‘Queen of Flowers’, and the strengthening potential of the ‘Golden Spice.’ Pamper your skin with just three drops daily with the blend of these premium ingredients to get an Illuminated, Restored, and Super-Nourished appearance!

A Trademark Combination of Exquisite Saffron + Rose + Turmeric and 21 Efficacious Ayurvedic Ingredients.

Apply only five-six drops daily to get glowing-gorgeous skin!

Illuminate your face with a youthful and fresh glow through the healing and skin-tone enhancing characteristics of the world’s extravagant spice!

Reinvigorate your appearance with a mixture of herbs and fascinating flowers that you might have never used or heard of before!

Experience a remarkable change with just five-six drops of liquid daily – embrace a unique difference from the results any face cream can deliver!

Kumkumamrit Tailam is Ayurveda’s skin illuminating, restoring, super-nourishing secret:
A trademark combination of ‘Red Gold’ + ‘The Queen of Flowers’ + ‘The Golden Spice’ and 16 Ayurvedic constituents based on a classical, refined formulation that you can now include in your beauty and wellness closet!

How to Use

Make Kumkumamrit Tailam a part of your daily skin care regime without fail.

  • Wash your face with a mild and natural Ayurvedic cleanser. Gently pat your face dry.
  • While your skin is a bit moistened, put three drops of the oil on your palm, rub the palms together. The product quantity can vary as per your nourishing needs.
  • Pat the palms gently on your face, neckline, and décolleté.

Practice Kansa Massage:

Begin with the directions given above and then proceed with the Kansa massage from the middle of your forehead. For allowing a free movement of the wand, you can take more drops of the oil. After completing the massage, it is up to you to cleanse or not cleanse your face. If you cleanse your face, pour 3-4 drops of the oil in your palms again, dab your skin, and gently rub-off with a wet cloth. The product quantity may vary as per your nourishing needs.

Results to expect?
With frequent use, you can observe:

  • A beautiful, deep radiant glow
  • An improved skin tone
  • Chiselled look
  • Smooth skin
  • Non-greasy, light moisturization that secures
  • moisture in and forms a shielding block
  • No need to apply the moisturizer multiple times in a day
  • Be ready to receive a bountiful of beautiful compliments and questions about your beauty secret!
  • Be ready to advice people about their skin care rituals